About me

Hey George here,

And thanks for checking out my blog dedicated to math pick up lines and just picking up women in general!

So… Why’d I create mathpickuplines.com ?

Well… there really wasn’t much information out there about math lines (and there should be because their the best type!) and also, to hopefully pass some of my new found ‘womanizing’ wisdom onto you guys.

And… Who am I?

Math pick up line expert?

My name’s George Sullivan and I can now comfortably say that I meet a new woman every couple of days or so. I consider myself pretty good with women, definetely better than most.

But I’ll admit something: it wasn’t always this way.

Far from it actually.

For most I’ve my life I’ve been what many would consider a geek. And my success with women was, for lack of a better term… non existent.

And it’s only recently (in the past couple of years) that I’ve seen my luck really change.

I remember thinking a few years back (this was just before I read the guy gets girl book)… is it just me? Do I just need to accept that I’m never going to be a “player”?

I’d been a Virgin all through High school and so I wondered if my luck was ever going to change…

Fortunately it did, that book changed my life.

And the past few amazing years bring me to today! When I’ve created a website about picking up women (specifically, about using math pick up lines to do it). I never would have dreamed of this a few years ago…

Anyway, a little trip down memory lane. But thanks for visiting my site and be sure check out the rest of the articles, there’s some good stuff there!


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