Science Pick up lines

Okay, so maths pick up lines are awesome. But guess what?

Nerdy pickup lines are great in general. They really get girls to laugh out loud, which is just what you want. Now, Science is another “geeky” subject. And you’ll definetly get some laughs from wordy Scientific jokes.

Remeber that you need more than just pickup lines though. They are only the opener. For more tips I really recommend you click here and check out this guide – it transformed the way I thought about picking up girls anyway.

So, here’s some of my favourite Scientific chat up lines:

“How can I know hundreds of pi digits… but not the 11 digits of your phone number?” – Total classic.

“You’ve got some nice aparatus” – Short ‘n sweet.

“You know the big bang theory? Yourass is like the big bum theory girl! but no worries, I love it.” – More risky, but very effective. You come off as funny and confident at the same time.

“Meosis?” – Don’t use it much.

“What’s your opinion on the theory of relativity?” – Always get a laugh… or a wierdo look.

“Do you like Science?” – Totally unoriginal I know.

“Wanna reproduce?” – use at your own risk.

“We can either talk about Quantum physics, or just skip the small talk and head back to my place” – Awesome. Use it.

“Based on my research, as soon as I saw you I concluded that we’d be heading back to either your place or mine” – A pretty good one.

“Your structures incredible, I’d love to do a more in depth analysis sometime” – Sexual right off the bat, use it on the sluttier looking girls.

There’s some of my favourite Scientific pick up lines, be sure to email me if you think of any more!

And remember that a pickup line is only the start of the conversation. You need way more than that to charm a girl, and I highly recommend this guide, it changed sure changed my luck with women anyway.

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