Mar 29

As much as I love pick up lines (heck, I created a whole site about maths ones!),

You need way more than just an opener to succeed regularly with women. I mean think about it, you’ve opened with your favourite math themed line, she’s laughing… and now what? That’s only the first 5 seconds of conversation.

Oh sure, you could launch into…

  • “what’s your name?” or
  • “what do you do?”…
  • “having a good time tonight?”

But that’s just crap.

You’re dooming yourself to failure and a boring, lifeless conversation.

Take it from me, because it’s exactly what used to do before I learned the ways of the pick up artist.

You need to continue that flow, you need to keep making her laugh, and you need to when and how to actually make your sexual advances. And if you don’t know how to do that… then it’s a skill you NEED to learn. Just like I did…

The book that changed my life and how I finally learned to meet women…

click here to check it out if you want

A few years back, as a kind of “last stab” at trying to get good at attracting women, I bought this book online. I remember it like it was yesterday…

I’d been at a friends party and once again, I’d failed to meet any girls.

So (as you do) I did a search on Google for something like “how to meet women”. Soon enough, I came across this guide… this manual for seducing women. It had so many great success stories (check them out on the site – they’re unbelievable) that I bought it there and then.

I literally stayed up the whole night reading it cover to cover. It blew me away.  The book (guy gets girl) was like a step by step guide on exactly how to meet, approach and basically seduce women. I’d never seen anything like it.

If you’re interested, you check out the books website here.

Today, it’s still the best book on meeting women I’ve read (and I’ve bought quite a few since then). Guy gets girl is just so specific, that’s why I love it. It doesn’t faff around, it just tells you exactly how to seduce women. My one issue with it is that it doesn’t really encourage math pick up lines, which in my opinion, are the best kind.

So just to summarise this short post, you need more than just cheezy pick up lines (however good they might be) to be successful with women. And it’s a very in depth subject. So, I recommend you get a guide, well, it helped me a lot anyway.

Click here to visit the Guy gets girl site. Check it out for yourself!

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