Apr 02

This is a collection of my favourite math pick up lines, the funniest ones and the ones which have worked best for me.

But there’s something people 99% of people don’t realise about these mathematic one liners…

They work. Math and physics pick up lines work wonderfully. As the saying goes… if you can get a woman to laugh, you can get her to do anything. Trust me, there’s no better way to start the conversaion than with a Science pickup line.

So, please don’t just use these lines as a joke (although say them in a playful way of course!), because they really work, in fact, girls love them.

And without further ado, here are my top ten math pick up lines, in no particular order:

Hey babe, Can I have your significant digits? – If it works, you’re right in there!

How do you feel about group practicals? – Naughty naughty, works VERY well when on girls that laugh a lot.

You look like the type who enjoys a good mathematical problem… – You could follow up with some stupid maths question if you want.

Your lucky… (pause for response when she aks why?)…. Because a freak Science accident has left me with a 14 inch penis. – No guarantees are made that you won’t get slapped for using this one.

I sized you up right away… a maths lover aren’t you? – Works surprisingly well.

Look before you ask, I SWEAR I’m not a maths major. – I’ve never had a girl not laugh at that one.

Do you like math? – Try it, girls think your playing a joke and like it usually.

You fasinate me even more than quantum physics. – Had moderate success with that one.

Hi, I was wondering if you could help me with my calculus coursework sometime? – Only use it an enviroment where she obviously couldn’t help you. Don’t say it to some random girl in a library!

I’ve got E=MC2 tatood on my backside, look, I’ll prove it to you. – Total classic.

Don’t be nervous about trying these math pickup lines out either. They work VERY well. But more importantly, understand that they alone won’t turn you into a woman-getting casanova. You need more than that.

That’s why I strongly recommend you check out the article below. You’ll also discover how I managed to go from maths Geek to locally renowned super player in like a week or something, seriously, it’s awesome!

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